Caring for your family

It's 11:00 am in the morning and 10 year old Timothy is washing the dishes from last night's dinner. His younger sister is watching television in the living room and his mother is resting. She has kidney failure and finds it difficult to move around. Timothy looks around the house. He has to do the laundry as well after washing the dishes. Timothy wonders what he will miss out in school today. He wishes his father were around and not in prison. He misses his father terribly. Two days ago his younger sister fell sick and Timothy brought her to see the doctor. "I must remember to feed Jessie her medicine later." Timothy yawns. He didn't sleep well last night as he had a nightmare that his father was never going to come back. He thinks about all the lessons he has been missing out on ever since he started being at home more to take care of his mother and sister. He frowns as this worries him.

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